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Enabling growth through technical and manufacturing support

Case study

The challenge

Our customer, Company A*, had been buying materials from Cemkem for some time when a new managing director joined the business. With ambitious growth plans in place, Company A needed to increase its production capabilities, allowing the company to expand into new geographies and markets around the world.

However, even before the new goals were announced, the firm’s technical team was stretched and the business was several months behind on its orders.

Something needed to change. So Company A asked us for help with:

  • 1. Confidential toll manufacturing 

    Company A was unable to keep up with the orders from their current customer base which was preventing them from achieving their volume and growth targets. A nice problem to have, but a problem all the same.

  • 2. Regulatory support

    One of Company A’s raw materials was subject to updated classification, labelling and packaging regulations. Due to its increasing workload, Company A didn’t have time to implement the new requirements before the product’s launch.

  • 3. Product development

    The firm had pulled its matt sealer from its range because it wasn’t meeting the company’s high product performance standards. 

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Company A had visited us on several occasions so they understood our technical and toll manufacturing capabilities. Knowing we were a safe pair of hands with the right manufacturing equipment to help, they asked us to step in.

The solution

Initially tasked with supporting Company A’s product development challenges, our talented team soon became their trusted partner, assisting multiple aspects of the firm’s manufacturing process.

Confidential toll manufacturing

We put our confidential toll manufacturing facilities into action. Initial small-scale trials were signed off by Company A leading to a full-scale product manufacturing, bottling and labelling trial. The trial was such a success that Company A outsourced all their liquid manufacturing to us.

We’ve also gone one step further by qualifying second sources of all key raw materials, helping Company A to have a more robust supply chain and meet their ISO9001 requirements. This allows Company A to continue providing a high level of service even through problematic periods of raw material supply.

Product development

Charged with improving several of the client’s liquid products, including their matt sealer, our technical team used their experience to completely rework the formulations. We analysed the formulation and identified a range of performance issues. Then we reviewed a number of polymers suited to the application and carried out a feasibility study to meet the customer’s high quality standards.

Regulatory support

Significant investment in specialist safety data sheet (SDS) creation software for the Rakem Group meant it was also available to support our customers. Combined with our technical team’s industry knowledge and experience, we were able to provide Company A with practical support and advice to guide them through their regulatory challenges.

The results

With our support, Company A has grown rapidly by increasing their volumes over a period of 12 to 18 months. When our relationship first began, they were three months behind on production. Now, Company A is meeting significantly increased volumes with a broader, more effective product range. Confidential toll manufacturing

Confidential toll manufacturing

With the liquid manufacturing taking place at Cemkem, we’ve reduced our customer’s manufacturing and storage overheads as well as helping them increase their manufacturing capacity. Because of our high quality assurance standards and end-to-end involvement, Company A can be sure it will receive exceptional products that perform exactly as they should.

The added security of our second supply approach means Company A is confident in our ability to produce their liquid products as needed. Helping maintain their manufacturing uptime and ensure orders are fulfilled.

Product development

We created a quality matt sealer that exceeded our customers’ technical specifications. They’ve now added this product back into their range, supporting their growth plans and creating the one-stop-shop experience their customers expect. We also suggested the development of a gloss sealer which has been developed and added to their portfolio.

Regulatory support

Company A now has accurate product labels and technical data sheets they can rely on. Which means they can sell into many countries and regulatory regimes around the globe – a crucial component of their growth strategy.

The Cemkem difference

As natural problem solvers, we bring the experience of our entire team to every project. For Company A, this meant sharing our manufacturing team’s knowledge which helped support their business growth.

The exceptional results we’ve delivered have enabled us to build a partnership with Company A often referring to us as an extension of their business. 

Now we’re Company A’s go-to technical solution provider. We contribute a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, often going beyond our original brief, challenging what’s possible and beating quality standards. Which has resulted in the development of commercial ideas and the delivery of innovative solutions.

To support this partnership, we will continue to invest in new equipment to support the ongoing development of our partner’s product range. Which will assist their entry into new markets and support their aspirational growth. Paving the way for an even brighter future for Company A and our partnership.

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*All names have been changed to protect the identity of this company …and because we really do respect client confidentiality.