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Hydraulic binder retarders

These specially-formulated set-retarding additives are milled to a very small particle size, making them highly efficient, resulting in the opportunity to use lower doses. Effective in a wide range of products based on a variety of hydraulic binder systems and blends including screeds, Portland cement (OPC), high alumina cement (HAC / CAC) and calcium sulphoaluminate cement. Our Revokem range improves dispersion and reduces the potential for surface defects. Giving your customers greater open time, working time and setting time control in a variety of applications and conditions.

Revokem RP1000

  • Great for tile adhesives and grouts
  • Improves performance in high temperatures
  • Increases workability and open time control
  • Ideal for use in cement-based tile adhesives, joint grouts and fast-setting mortars

Revokem RP2000

  • Great for tile adhesives, grouts and dry silo mortar
  • Suitable for use in dry silo and traditional mortars
  • Increases workability and open time control

Revokem RP4000

  • Great for self-levelling underlayments (SLUs) and flowable screeds
  • Improves performance in high temperatures
  • Highly soluble
  • Cost effective alternative to tartaric acid

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