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How our technical team solved one customer’s product range extension challenge

Case study

The challenge

Company C* is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of specialist construction materials. As we’d previously supplied them with raw materials, they gave us a call to see whether we could support them with a new product development challenge. 

The goal was to develop a screed product with high performance criteria. But due to the performance parameters and some raw material and time constraints, Company C was concerned the quality of the end product may not meet their own extremely high standards. Confident that we had the skills and resources to take on the job, they asked us to help.

The solution

With a non-disclosure agreement in place, Company C sent us a range of materials along with a list of performance requirements for the end product.

Our technical team knew this project was going to be a challenge. But they approached the task with open minds, analysing the raw materials to understand the formulation challenges they’d need to overcome to meet the customer brief. 

The resulting data, combined with the team’s knowledge and experience, enabled them to develop a unique formulation. This was then tested against Company C’s parameters and tweaked in our state-of-the-art labs. 

Although more refinement would be needed ahead of production, proof of concept had been achieved.

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The results

This successful proof of concept gave Company C’s Head of Research and Development the evidence they needed to take the product to the next stage.

Able to use its own raw materials in the new cementitious screed product, Company C will minimise its raw material costs, boosting the product’s profit margins. This also opens the door to a new market, enabling Company C to become a complete on-site solution provider and increasing its market share.

The Cemkem difference

By taking the time to understand Company C’s challenge, we’ve been able to overcome its technical difficulties and demonstrate proof of concept. With further technical and commercial discussions underway, we’re looking forward to an exciting long-term partnership.

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*All names have been changed to protect the identity of this company …and because we really do respect client confidentiality.