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Securing supply in the face of industry-wide shortages

Case study

The challenge

We’d been supplying our customer, Company B*, with small amounts of liquid polymer as and when they needed them for their construction products. But everything changed when Covid hit, resulting in a period of industry-wide critical supply issues.

With raw material prices significantly increasing and supplies drying up, Company B was facing the prospect of being unable to fulfil their orders. 

Many suppliers weren’t taking on new clients to ensure supply for their existing customers who were also placed on allocation. Company B was concerned they wouldn’t have enough supply to continue to meet their customers’ demands.

The solution

Company B’s procurement manager got in touch with our commercial team and found we were able to supply several raw materials important for their manufacturing process.

True to our value of integrity and our goal of building long-term partnerships with our customers, we didn’t profiteer from the situation, charging a non-inflated price for the materials.

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The results

With our support, Company B ensured the availability of their products at a time when their competitors couldn’t. This highlighted Company B as a dependable supplier that could not only meet its customers’ existing demands but could meet increasing supply needs too. Resulting in increased market share for Company B.

The added security of our second supply approach means Company A is confident in our ability to produce their liquid products as needed. Helping maintain their manufacturing uptime and ensure orders are fulfilled.

“During a period of global shortage, Cemkem managed to provide us with materials when no-one else could. Their continued support has helped us to secure growth in a difficult economic climate.”

– Procurement Manager, Company B

The Cemkem difference

Thanks to our focus on building lasting relationships over short-term profit, we’re now a key raw material supplier for Company B. Ensuring the continuity of supply that will help them maintain and grow their market share.

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*All names have been changed to protect the identity of this company …and because we really do respect client confidentiality.