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Hydrophobic additives

Our range of hydrophobic additives are based on a number of chemistries including stearate, silicone and silane with options to match your formulation, performance and budgetary needs. With a variety of high-performing products, you can benefit from using lower doses, enhancing your end-product while controlling costs.


  • Specialist powder-based admixture
  • Effective in a wide range of render and mortar applications like repair mortar and pointing mortar
  • Reduces water uptake
  • Limits efflorescence
  • Increases long-term durability
  • Minimises risk of delamination
  • Good wetting and dispersion capacity

Siloen 5022 WR

  • Water-thinnable, solvent-free silane/siloxane emulsion concentrate
  • Excellent penetration depth
  • Fast water repellency development
  • Strong resistance to alkalis
  • Enhanced beading effect
  • Permanent water repellent, breathable coating
  • Prevents efflorescence and stops the growth of microorganisms
  • Provides good adhesion for paints when used as a primer
  • Superior performance at high dilution rates

Siloen 696 WR

  • Water dilutable solvent-free silane emulsion
  • High alkali resistance
  • Dilutable with water
  • Provides hydrophobic properties
  • No loss in water vapour permeability
  • Superior water repellency especially for material with higher alkalinity (> pH 9)
  • Easy to use
  • Good depth of penetration
  • Long lasting water repellency
  • Improved resistance to freeze-thaw de-icing salt stress
  • No significant impact on the concrete rheology (when used as admixture)
  • Provide good adhesion of paints (when used as a primer)

Siloen MXP5

  • High performance water-repellent additive in powder form for cementitious mortars dry mix formulation
  • Significant reduction in water uptake
  • Linear dosage efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Non toxic
  • Imparts free-flowing anti-caking properties to dry mix
  • Excellent compatibility with other chemical additives
  • No change in rheological performance of the material mixes

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