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Elevate screed admixtures with Kemfloor Ultra

Need to elevate the performance of your screed admixture? Want to switch to an easy-to-use product that provides enhanced workability, high early and latter age strength development, excellent compaction and rapid drying?

Our high-performance, easy to use screed admixture is perfect for you! An innovative blend of materials, Kemfloor Ultra is proven to be capable of producing extraordinary results!

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Cemkem’s Development Team

At Cemkem, our in-house Development Team is constantly working on developing new products to add to our portfolio.

These products are designed to meet the needs and requirements of current and potential customers, along with the need to meet environmental and regulatory demands.

We are driven to continuously improve both what we do and how we do things, and this is reflected in our growing product development and innovation.

Your partner for construction chemicals materials

Cemkem is your partner for construction chemicals materials, whether that be raw materials or fully formulated products. From our state-of-the-art 25,000 sq ft facility in Bury, we meticulously develop our product portfolio to cover a range of construction chemical applications.

Our journey is built on a foundation of expertise that spans many years of working within the industry, and our commitment to quality is unwavering. We’re not just manufacturers and distributors; we’re your partners in progress, your collaborators in construction, and your allies in achieving excellence.

Stay connected with Cemkem as we continue to innovate.

Cemkem – driven by passion

The team at Cemkem continues to work extremely hard to develop our product portfolio to support the needs of existing and potential customers within the construction chemicals industry. Our product portfolio isn’t just about additives; it’s about so much more! Our Technical Service offering can help to support customers find solutions to wide range of current and future industry challenges.

At Cemkem, we’re driven by a passion for innovation that doesn’t stand still. Our group is dedicated to the pursuit of constant development, both in raw materials and finished products. It’s our promise to you – a commitment to delivering excellence at every stage of construction.