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Introducing the Revokem product range

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Introducing the Revokem product range – expertly formulated set retarding additives designed to excel across a wide range of mortar, dry-mix mortar and concrete applications. Whether you require longer working times, open or setting time control, Revokem has you covered.

Discover Revokem RP1000, which can be used to control and extend working, open and setting times when used in rapid setting systems including fast set tile adhesives and repair mortars. Revokem RP2000 has been formulated to excel in a wide range of construction products including fast setting, drymix mortar formulations and meticulously engineered to seamlessly complement DSM mix designs. For those working with rapid setting OPC-Rich, HAC-Rich, and CSA formulations, meet Revokem RP4000, your go-to choice for fine-tuning open and setting times, especially in SLU products. Reach out to our dedicated sales team today and find out which Revokem grade is tailor-made for your needs!