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Boost Your Construction Product Manufacturing Business with These 5 High-Impact Solutions

Ensuring the competitiveness of your construction material product range relies on continual improvement in every area of your operations.

Additives play a key role in perfecting your products’ performance. But there are five other areas of support that could play a vital role in helping your business optimise its production. Read on to find out if there are any areas you could leverage for your business.

1. Technical commercial insight – right from the get-go

When you contact your raw material suppliers, it’s usually for a quote for additives you need – either for an existing formulation, something new or slightly different with varying degrees of development work.

The key here is to find an additive supplier with a technically trained commercial team that will help you get to the right solution as quickly as possible and save you time by:

  • Understanding the products you manufacture, the raw materials you use and providing support for product challenges you’re experiencing.
  • Applying the knowledge gained through rigorous technical training on the products they sell to your product and raw material challenges.
  • Presenting a range of technical solutions along with the pricing so you can quickly see the cost implications.
  • Rapidly bringing in the right technical team members if highly specialist technical support is needed.
  • Ensuring open lines of communication that enable a collaborative working style built on trust.
  • Always finishing what they start – be that providing a sample or price or carrying out technical work to give you what you need.
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2. Technical and R&D support to formulate the perfect product at the right cost

Leading construction chemical suppliers discover and invest in some of the best people in the business. In particular, their technical people. Look out for potential new partners that have built a technical team with:

  • Deep skill sets plus extensive experience covering a wide range of sectors and regulations.
  • Access to a wide product range so they can effectively solve a range of product challenges, including sustainability.
  • State-of-the-art labs and the latest technologies and methods to test cementitious products.
  • Experience in identifying and filling gaps in their customers’ product ranges.
  • The ability to solve a wide range of product challenges from performance and cost to sustainability.

The best suppliers are also able to provide technical support on a wide range of projects

3. Support to help your business become more sustainable

Your business will face more stringent environmental regulations, including the European Green Deal and the UK’s own drive to net zero, alongside increasingly eco-sensitive customers. There are three main ways the right construction chemical partner can help your business meet and exceed its business goals while contributing to a greener future.

  1. A range of admixtures and additives that can be used to help meet the increasingly demanding sustainability goals required to drive towards net zero.
  2. A technical support service that complements the in-house expertise in your business with additional technical experience and capabilities.
  3. Sustainability advisory and compliance support to help you define and achieve your objectives and offer guidance on how to start and progress your sustainability journey.

With this kind of expertise, your business will accelerate its sustainability agenda.

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4. Continuity of supply – supporting maximum manufacturing uptime

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chains were severely disrupted. This pushed manufacturers to seek additional suppliers to ensure a continuous supply of the right quality products when they needed them.

With extreme weather events, climate change and geopolitical unrest threatening supply chains, seeking second – or even third – suppliers is a great way to ensure the robustness of your construction manufacturing supply chain. Keeping your production lines up and running, and helping you maintain customer loyalty, profitability and your reputation in a competitive market.

To ensure you’re working with a high-quality supplier, look for the golden triangle of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45000. These certifications will ensure your provider is committed to quality and has the management systems in place to rigorously monitor, control and enhance its processes and outputs. As well as having clear customer and supplier communication channels to promote open dialogue that’s key to delivering on time, every time.

5. A great cultural fit with their suppliers

When your business relies on the high standards of every component in its supply chain, working with companies that share your same high standards is vital. Suppliers that have a clear vision, mission and values born out in the way they work gives your company the reassurance its supply chain is secure.

Finding a supplier that does all of this as part of their standard offer could help your business:

  • Adapt its products to meet regulatory and consumer demands.
  • Respond to changing regulations reducing legal risk and reputational damage.
  • Reduce production downtime with security of supply.
  • Enhance products without incurring additional costs.
  • Tweak existing products helping you access new markets.
  • Expand its product range to secure market share and boost profits.

It’s also nice to know you’ll be working with warm, friendly people who make business a pleasure.

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